A Short Explaination.

They always used to say, “Quigley huh? Have you ever seen that movie Quigley Down Under?” and I used to hate it! Like, what? You think just because my last name is Quigley, and the only time you’ve ever heard that name before was in the title of a stupid Tom Selleck movie from 1990, that’s gonna be enough to break the ice…make us buddies? But now, as I get older and meet increasingly younger (than me) people, I get asked that question less and less. In fact, I have caught myself trying to use it as an ice breaker once or twice, only to be met with confused looks and quick subject changes.  These kids have never heard of that movie. They were probably still toddling around…if they were even born yet! It really kind of puts my life into perspective.

So, Quigley Down Under seems like a fitting name for my blog…I switched out the Qu for a Kw for some reason though. Perhaps to keep a youthful edge on things. I know I am only fooling myself.

Quickly approaching the age of 30, I am no longer hip. The references I make to the young people I meet are probably met much the same way I used to look at old fogies who asked me about a Tom Selleck movie. So I’m just giving up on trying to be cool. I was never very good at it anyway, even with youth on my side.

But I’m not done trying to have fun. Hopefully I will fill this blog up with stories and pictures of my adventures and antics. That’s the plan anyway…


One Response to “A Short Explaination.”

  1. Not mine, but really nails it for me

    “Rage, fear, ballistic acts of free will.

    It is, at one moment, wooing the young girls with tales of Rome and the feeling of lying inside a mild steel cage, driven simply by traction and gasoline. The next it is ramming energetic fists into the face of no one at all. It is unease. It is the passing shadow of a sacred time, with no man to be held accountable to. It respects neither the Father nor the Police.

    It contemplates night in the shadows of dim starlight and vows to “change the world” in whatever fashion. It bends curves in unjustly tampered cars; always screaming into another day, and without regard for change. It burns. It occasionally twists motorbikes into lumps and spires of metal in an act of vengeance against nothing in particular. It abuses both drink and drugs, and it sprawls on the hallowed grounds of its musical heroes, enjoying simply the notion of art. It worships the fight and the prowess of those who don’t care. It does not wait, it does. It acts. It screams and makes exaggerated hopelessness gestures to the skies above. It is profane. It snarls and bites and plays the dog. It becomes sad and full of rage without reason. And also, it ages.

    It begins to grow into an era of both Law and Order, and it is far too big for either. It cannot subside, for the rage will grow stronger. But also it grows without outlet. It cannot purge. It festers, dying slowly, until only a shell of it’s brilliance lingers. It is talked about in small towns and revered by those that have not had a taste of it. It is electricity. It is hatred and love, with nothing in between. It is without respect for the detriment of nature, or the perils of chance. It fears only it’s own timeline, and becomes all too aware of it’s own frail existence, without turning an eye to the existence of its master…or slave.

    It is youth, and it is all that we have. And now it fades.”

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